Aviation Insurance

We provide an extensive portfolio of insurance products to ensure that each of our important clients is thoroughly protected depending on their insurable needs and interest, including the following:
  • Hangar keepers Insurance: Aviation insurance that protects the policy holder from incidental damage to aircraft that is in his care custody and control.
  • Aviation Insurance: Hull physical damage and passenger and third party liabilities for passenger or cargo operations for commercial and general aircraft, scheduled carriers and industrial aid vehicles
  • Aviation War risks: provides cover to protect owners and operators of aircraft against Hull physical damage resulting from war, or war like operations (as fully described in the policy wording)
  • Aviation Products Manufacturers Liability: provides coverage for manufacturers against law suites that might be raised against them by a third party during the period of insurance claiming for bodily injury or material damages as a result of the use of the insured’s products.
  • Airport Liability: insures against the legal liability for airport owners or operators against damages to all types of aircrafts, including those which are private, state and locally run, as a result of the insured’s negligence during his operations.

In addition to many other policy types which can be tailor-made upon the request of our client and their needs.