About Us

It is integral for a successful insurance company to focus on products, services, and revenue. Success on these three levels requires exactly what Jordan Emirates Insurance Company offers: insurance products to meet market needs, an exceptional standard of underwriting and professional claims management, as well as a motivated marketing team and innovative technology.

Jordan Emirates Insurance Company launches with a clear vision to enhance the existing products currently available, as well as design and sell new products. All of this is achieved and supported through excellent customer service and stellar care.

It’s A New Day for the Insurance Industry

With the launch of Jordan Emirates Insurance Company (JEIC), company leaders aim to change the company culture. Already, the speed and decisiveness demonstrated by JEIC marks the new way of doing Insurance business. Adding an intensified focus on customer satisfaction and customer needs, in addition to speeding up the decision-making process, further solidifies JEIC as an industry leader. Every day, JEIC gains customer confidence with their efforts.

Jordan Emirates Insurance is a subsidiary of Al- Sagr National Insurance Company, a UAE based insurance and investment group with a strong presence in Arab Gulf countries.