General Accidents Insurance

Money Insurance (MI)

The policy is designed to protect against loss of money:

Whilst on the premises

  • In locked counters, drawers, cash registers, tills, or cabinets during business hours.
  • In a locked safe.

Whilst in transit

  • During the course of transit between specified locations on direct trips by authorized employees.

Bankers' Blanket Bond Insurance (BBB)

Bankers Blanket Bond is an insurance policy for financial institutions. The policy provides cover in respect of infidelity of employees, loss of property while such property is within any of the assureds' premises or in transit, loss resulting directly from forgery or alteration, counterfeit currencies and other risks to which financial institutions are exposed.

The policy can be tailored to meet the requirements of a bank or any other financial institutions.

Fidelity Guarantee Insurance (FG)

FG policy insures against loss of money or goods belonging to you as the insured due to infidelity or dishonesty of your employees. Workmen's Compensation Insurance (WC)

WC policy insures liability under law of the Employer towards employees' personal injury by accident or occupational disease in course of employment in the Insured's business.

Plate Glass Insurance

PG policies insures against breakage of Glass frontages, especially for large buildings that has Glass frontages on an ALL Risks basis. Exclusions mentioned in the policy are mainly either the perils insured under the standard fire & allied perils policy or the standard general common exclusions.

Liability Insurance:

General Third Party Liability Insurance (GTPL)

GTPL policy insures accidental bodily injury to a third party and accidental loss of or damage to property owned by third parties caused by the Insured in course of business.

Employers' Liability Insurance (EL)

EL policy insures the legal liability of the employer towards employees for personal injury by accident or disease that may occur during and in the course of employment with the insured.

Products Liability Insurance (PL)

PL policy insures the legal liability for claims against you raised by third parties during the period of insurance due to injury or damage caused by a product made by or sold by you.

Professional Indemnity Insurance (PI)

PI policy insures legal liability towards third party in the event of any third party bodily injury or property damage arising from professional negligence of the insured. The policy includes insured's defense costs and expenses.

This policy is useful for professionals such as architects, engineers, lawyers, doctors, consultants, agents, etc.

Carriers' Liability Insurance

Affords protection to hauliers/transporters against their liability for loss or damage to goods whilst in their care and custody.

Personal Accidents Insurance (PA)

PA insurance policy provides compensation in the event of death or disability as a direct result of accident based upon the sum insured, nature of disablement/injury, etc.

Different coverages are available ranging from a restricted cover of Death only; to a comprehensive cover covering Death, Permanent Disablements and Temporary Total Disablements. In addition to that that the cover can also be extended to include Medical Expenses due to accident and Expenses of Repatriation of mortal remains following accidental death for a specified limit.

Travel Insurance

Provides compensation for medical assistance from unforeseen and sudden events occurring during journeys out of the Insured's home or usual residence country, which can be given on a worldwide basis.

Cover granted under this policy includes (but not limited to) evacuation, repatriation, urgent medical expenses, sea and mountain search and rescue, repatriation of family members, urgent dispatch of medicine, loss of registered luggage and many other expenses.